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2011-01-19 05:41:25 by theCouncil

Finally back on, starting to post some stuff now.

Excited about developing a proper style with color, shades, etc., as people actually liked my latest post, Assassin. Hope to expand from just profiles, but I figure it takes time to build up skill.

Glad to finally master coloring my pics as well! Hope I can keep drawing stuff thats worth the portal =D


2011-01-09 01:57:45 by theCouncil

Back from holiday. Got an upgraded comp, finally! Unfortunately, my scanner doesn't seem to be working with my new desktop, so my drawings have yet to be scanned...

Yet another setback is that I lost a lot of my drawings on the plane ride back to BJ, so yeah.



2010-11-29 06:43:33 by theCouncil

Recently got into a new anime style; am quite liking it. I'm really thinking about developing the characters in "Gunfinger n' Friend," though a friend pointed out to me today how much they resemble Ratchet n' Clank, even with the wrench!!! Now I'm a little less excited... but oh well, should be fun =)

People are starting to vote n' view my stuff!! So cool =D Though unfortunately a lot of my pieces are getting a lot lower than I think they deserve, but I suppose it's mostly because I can't color them properly? I dunno, maybe if I added color, they'd be rated higher? *Shrug*

But anyways I just wanted also to thank the NG community for helping my entry be a smooth one. Love hearing comments and questions on my pieces, and I hope you guys'll continue to give any advice you have for me.



2010-11-22 07:39:10 by theCouncil

Yeah!!! Just got scouted! Thank you Newgrounds! ^_^

More uploads

2010-11-22 07:25:42 by theCouncil

I uploaded a few more of my better, finished drawings today. Excited to see what people think of them ^_^ I'm a very big fan of Halo's characters, elites and spartans and such. A lot of my art is based on them =D Hope you guys like!

I've had a scanner given to me as a gift from my math teacher for several weeks now, and with it came an installation CD I thought I needed in order to use the scanner. The day after I bring everything home, my comp's CD drive breaks, and doesn't open when I push the button, so I have been stuck with a perfectly fine scanner for over a month, and haven't been able to use it.

Now I can.

Turns out, you DON'T need the CD and it works once you plug it in.



Ellow, Newgrounds

2010-11-20 05:01:07 by theCouncil


I've pretty much been using Newgrounds for the past couple months, ever since the commies here in China decided to unblock it. Now that my internet access has been extended to the amazing community on this site, I decided to create an account to start putting my opinion out there. I'm not really planning on doing much besides blogging on this site maybe, and voting, but we'll see what things come to when my scanner starts working =D