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2010-11-22 07:39:10 by theCouncil

Yeah!!! Just got scouted! Thank you Newgrounds! ^_^


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2010-11-22 07:59:46


theCouncil responds:



2010-11-22 10:08:25

I haven't had time to scan my stuff yet, but i don't think I'll be as lucky as you, good job man!

theCouncil responds:

Hey thanks =) you upload some works and maybe we can collab or something sometime =D


2010-11-23 23:14:56

your art medium reminds me of mine-light in graphite but recently ive been doing pen on top of pencil (damn i wish i had a scanner) .but anyway thats awesome man good job!!!

theCouncil responds:

Thanks man =D


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