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2010-11-29 06:43:33 by theCouncil

Recently got into a new anime style; am quite liking it. I'm really thinking about developing the characters in "Gunfinger n' Friend," though a friend pointed out to me today how much they resemble Ratchet n' Clank, even with the wrench!!! Now I'm a little less excited... but oh well, should be fun =)

People are starting to vote n' view my stuff!! So cool =D Though unfortunately a lot of my pieces are getting a lot lower than I think they deserve, but I suppose it's mostly because I can't color them properly? I dunno, maybe if I added color, they'd be rated higher? *Shrug*

But anyways I just wanted also to thank the NG community for helping my entry be a smooth one. Love hearing comments and questions on my pieces, and I hope you guys'll continue to give any advice you have for me.



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2010-11-29 07:50:09

I found your art very good. Keep on going, man!

theCouncil responds:

Hey thanks =D Great knowing some people actually like some of my pieces =)


2010-12-13 19:13:54

you are a good artist and i love your art, also i think i can help you with your ratings.ya see, what most of your art lacks as well as color is a background i dont think you would need color if you could make a good background and i know you can ^_^.i remember telling you once that if your art can say the same thing but without color it is more meaningful well if you add a good background to your art you can achieve that.